The Photographers Behind Ardent

Capturing every special moment with us 

Adrian Yeo

Adrian Yeo

Founder of Ardent Expressions.

Jacky Yee

Jacky Yee

Co-founder of Ardent Expressions.

About Us

Adrian & Jacky both started their photography journey back in 2008 under the guidance of a master in film & print based photography.


Merging the advances in camera technology and the discipline and skills from film photographers, allows our photographers to not only capture the moment but also in its essence without the need to artificially edit it later.

Our Experience

Our portfolio ranges from wedding photography but are also experienced in event & fashion show photography for corporate clients such as Robinsons and Marc & Spencer to product photography for clientele such as Krespy Kreme, Monin and Giffard & Syrops.

Getting Every Moment

Working as an experienced team, Adrian & Jacky will be able to fully cover your event or wedding from different perspectives and angles without missing any special moments. Something that one solo photographers would have missed.