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1 Utama Reptile Park

1 Utama Reptile Park

 Hey everyone,

This is the view of 1Utama during the Chinese New Year period of 2008. Nicely decorated as shown below.


So happened around this time there was this Reptile park show which cost a few ringgit to go in. Not bad.. manage to see a lot of varieties of creepy crawlies.. yeah right.. spider man isn't that creepy now is he?

ok fine, spiderman isn't this hairy.. but who knows.. under that suit of his.. ahem.. 😛

 Another of spiderman's relative.. nice of it to pose for me..

Yeah.. this includes snakes.. and tons of it.. oh yeah.. you could carry one as well for a fee of course..  don't think they'll pay you if you end up being its lunch.. 😛

and other reptiles… like this… erm .. ain't sure what this is.. a lizzard?

Now doesn't this picture feels more like home? not yours of course.. his 😛

Hey, he's winking at ya! perv..

That's all for the reptile park.. the pictures are shot through a nice and sufficiently thick plexi glass which although gave protection to us humans.. does a bit bad in the taking picture department.

Signing off..

Adrian Y.

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