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Sveeedish meatballs… IKEA style

Sveeedish meatballs… IKEA style

 Today, I've decided to give IKEA's foodcourt a go and wonder how that famed sweedish meatballs tastes like. Yeah I know.. finally 😛 Despite the fact that IKEA @ Ikano is located like a 5 minutes drive from my house is irrelevant.. trust me.. its irrelevant.. 

 Ok back to the meal ya..  first off the main dish was this lemon herb chicken leg. Seriously its nothing much to look at. At first glance it may look like some prison food.. okay fine its the tray but never than less.. it looks simple… but then again life has thought me that simple things isn't necessarily bad… 

Hhhhmm.. strangely I'm going to relate this simple IKEA dish to photography… ok here it goes.. to take an image, it needs to have a subject… Lets say you are taking a portriat.. when doing so, keeping the background relatively simple i.e. plain and boring brings the viewers attention purely on the subject which is in this case the person… This is where simple meaning the background to put the entire attention onto the subject is good ya…

Taking a portriat of someone with an iconic building at the back just robs the attention away and unless you plan to take a tourist photo shoot, then you have just failed.. keep it simple!

Ok back to the food.. now I'm getting hungry..  its actually not bad.. the chicken is soft and the gravy is well strange at first but it grew on me.. in a good way ok.. 😛


As a side dish, the ever famous sveeediiissssshh meatballs… I was kinda shocked at first.. what the.. blue berry jam!??! that doesn't make sense at all.. Tasting the meatball with that brown sauce is amazing.. but.. now here's the weird part.. mixing it with the jam? takes amazing and made it AAAAMMMAA.. you get the point..  the sweet berry taste whackes you first then the it is completed by the taste of the brown sauce.. kinda like an orchestra of taste..

Damn those Svedish people.. they got it right..  

Below is the evidence.. before.. do notice there is no after shots.. 😛 No reason will be provided..  

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