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Breeze @ TTDI

Breeze @ TTDI

Ever want to look for a place to chill out and just relax but yet want some style and some cocktails added into the mix? well if that's the case, Breeze @ TTDI is the place for you.. Its located next to NAZA TTDI or more accurately behind the Bambooq bar.. its an open air concept that allows for good air circulation.. in part thanks to 3 gigantic fans located directly above the Breeze bar…

The pictures below are the view you'll see while sitting at the bar.. its helmed by a few really amazing and talented bartenders.. namely Bob and Marvin (who's now working in Euphoria Ministry of Sound.. this is the place where I got to meet Ben Ng.. a young talented and passionate mixologist from Penang.. 

Thanks to Ben, this place is like the UN of alcohol where booze from all over the world come here to get me high.. 😛 There's vodka from Iceland, Switz, Russian and god knows what else..  seriously one should try the vodka from Iceland.. its one word.. COOOOOLLLLL…!

The thing about drinking cocktails around KL/PJ is that the standard is not there.. every bar is just out to squeeze the most $ while delivering abysmal cocktail standards.. This is where Ben made this place different.. Only the finest (within cost reason) is provided.. such as fresh berries and mint leaves..

Tiny details such as how the mint leaves are muddled together in order to bring out the taste is factored into each drink requiring it.. that's the level of dedication to their passion for cocktails.. I'm inspired talking to Ben and am glad there is someone who's trying to bring up our Malaysian standards for drinks..

Take another example.. Margaritta.. all the places that I've been uses typical table salt.. eeuchhh..  its way too salty and the taste just punches you on the face.. @ Breeze? they use French Sea Salts.. larger and more smoother salty taste which unlike the table salt that SHOCKS your tastes.. this sea salt gives a warm welcoming.. To top it off, they also add in agave honey (which is what tequila is made of).. this drink ultimately tastes like..

Mildly salty -> Tequila flavor -> Mildly sweet.. its an amazing blend which is meant to be sipped and enjoyed..

That's the whole idea of cocktails..  using different ingredients to make a symphony of taste..

You haven't tasted cocktails until you come down to Breeze.. Let Bob and his fresh ingredients and UN inspired booze in creating the most unique and amazing tasting cocktails that will satisfy anyone.. Just make sure Bob knows what you fancy! something strong? refreshing? smooth? anything..

Did I mention that Bob also enters Bartending competitions and won?

Do check this place out and mention to Bob that Adrian the camera guy recommended you.. you are in good hands! 

Always remember… DRINK RESPONSIBLY! 

The view on the left of the bar.. and..   

 tada… the right.. 😛 there's a big projector screen there.. so if you plan to watch your favourite football or US open tennis match, here's the place to be!

 The drink is Citrusca.. a lady's alcohol drink.. mixed with only the best.. notice the fresh berries! its sweet and tangy.. nice and refreshing!

This drink for me is.. damn.. I forgot.. but it was goood! 😛 a man's drink.. stronger taste.. 

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