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DAP Political Speech in SS2

DAP Political Speech in SS2

 Well.. since this is a photography blog, I'll reserve my own opinions about everything other than photography.. Sealed

I've never actually bothered attending these type of speeches in the past.. well part of the problem is that when I do get to know about it, its already too late..  so I decided to make it a point to just go attend one and see how these things are conducted..

Its DAP's speech on the final day before hitting the ballot boxes.. yeah.. why final speech? well its the no holds barred, last ditch effort which should be the 'most happening' time..  ok fine.. its because I procrastinated.. the whole point is that I'm there .. better late than never.. 

Ok.. its held infront of the food court in SS2.. this is the scene early on.. kinda decided to go there early and take the before event shots then head there for a yummy meal.. 


 Nothing much happening… people just hanging around.. in Chinese I guess the right word is keepoh..  actually there's a screen there playing some of the interviews done between Tony Pua and his opponent.. who said that she thought the NEP was already abolished.. 
Its already almost time.. 
Like concerts, the main acts are usually opened by smaller acts to warm up / build the crowd..  This is the guy running for the state seat.. 
Not bad, opening act also got that many people..  
The people who came are really determined to show support.. its raining and yet there are still there..  I manage to get a nice ledge which is about 1m higher than the road that the crowd is standing on.. without this height advantage, there's no way i can see through the sea of umbrellas..
The crowd to the left of me..
And to the right.. well.. even with a fisheye lens, I wouldn't be able to take everyone in.. they are actually surrounding me at that point..
Ah.. Tony Pua.. his blog can be found here..
And his wife.. 
And guess what.. we got one of Karpal Singh's son.. Gobind Singh Deo.. fighting for the Puchong MP seat..
The SB-800 at its max power reaches him at a distance about give or take 25m.. No wonder my guru once told me not to use this flash during sports events.. will momentarily blind anyone in its path.. Can't say that he's wrong..   
This is the view at the height in terms of crowd numbers.. again we have the front view..
The 45 degree to the left.. 
90 degrees to the left..  man there's a serious number of people here..
I really like this fella.. especially when he says that when he wins his seat, he'll 'hentam sama dia'.. (referring to someone from BN)
Yeah.. teamwork!
And we also got Haris Ibrahim who's fighting to create a united bangsa Malaysia.. sniff.. sniff.. his blog can be found here.. 
Earlier on, there was Teresa Kok.. Unfortunatly I couldn't get a good picture of her due to the sea of umbrellas blocking.. like her blog says.. she's a sassy MP.. indeed she is.. Smile
So that's all folks.. time to head back and rest up early for tomorrow.. 
I already know who I'm voting for..  
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