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Time to mark the X

Time to mark the X

Today is our duty of all Malaysians of voting age (above 21) to cast our votes.. There's a smell of change in the air..  

My voting station is in my former secondary school.. which is like a walking distance from where I live.. really nice to do your part for democracy while having a trip down memory lane.. 


The scene in the morning.. time to find a car park and go do our thang..

First up.. checking if you are an eligible voter.. my former canteen.. the place I ate fried chicken every day for the 5 years running.. 😛 its nice ok.. 😛

Time to queue up to enter the room to cast that ever important 'X'.. there was a joke saying.. 'X' means tak nak.. or don't want.. so if you don't like a particular party lets say BN.. you put the 'X' there..

Of course its 'X' meaning that's who you choose.. why can't it be a tick sign anyway? probably the ballots are invented by a former pirate.. Jack Sparrow maybe..


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