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Up Close & Personal : Flowers

Up Close & Personal : Flowers

Nothing brings up more brilliance of color and beauty like flowers..  Below are some of the close up shots of flowers using the Nikon AF-S 105mm lens.. 

In Macro photography, f/2.8 can be as razor thin as less than a few mm.. the good thing is that this type of work usually takes place in bright areas which allows for sufficient light to get more depth of field by lowering the aperture.. not good to do macro photography in low light conditions.. unless shallow depth of field is ok..  







The above picture is not cropped in any way.. even at f/32, I couldn't get all of the red balls in sharp focus.. tho the lens is sharp enough to bring out the detail of those tiny hairs.. simply amazing.. its hard to see even with the naked eye but with this lens? no problemo sir! 

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