Photography – Category Posers

Photography – Category Posers

Photography was long ago during the film days assessable to a privilege few but now, its almost a cult following! with camps from different brand manufacturers minus the naked bond fire dancing ritual, which wouldn't be all that bad.. but sadly its not..

Now the photography world is split into different categories, Professionals, Semi-Pros, Serious-Amateurs and Amateurs and oh yeah.. posers..

Just last Sunday (31st August 2008) at Nikon's booth @ 1 Utama, an old man who to me looked like a slacker, was checking out the Nikon's flagship D3. Ahhh.. the D3.. so reminds me of those martial art shows like Bruce Lee whacking 10-20 guys at the same time.. the D3 aka Bruce Lee of cameras ass kicked every other dSLR. We'll get to why later.. back to the story of that old dude.. 

So this fella took the D3 and the Nikon staff (isn't it cool to get out of the Nikon HQ and hang out in 1U for 2 weeks?) coupled it with a fast f/2.8 DX lens for him to try it out. Snap Snap.. at ISO6400.. snap snap.. and then he complained that it is noisy and what nots.. this dude so falls into the poser category. In this category, one is entitled to put everything down as long as it makes them look superior even at the expense of making oneself a fool.

I've tested many cameras of different manufacturers, very rarely you'll find a camera that will hit ISO6400 (excluding those Hi modes, that's just cheating) and none has hit the low noise bulls eye like the D3. But this dude still complained! I tho salute that cool Nikon rep, who in the end just apologized to him and that this is all that Nikon can do. If I had known him better, I would have thought that that statement he made had a healthy dose of sarcasm laced on it.Tho that old dude being a poser, walked away feeling like a winner! after that both Nikon rep and myself just shake our heads and laughed.

So there folks, there are many people out there in all walks of life. We take the good with the bad ya! A healthy dose of humor will keep one from turning serial killer or land oneself at Arkam mental asylum or locally known as Tanjung Rambutan.

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