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A light in the right direction

A light in the right direction

Last Saturday, I've finally submitted in A4 size print to CK The Embershoppe @ the curve. Jacky and I are extremely happy to be given a chance to take this Zippo picture and to have it shown like the picture taken below with my k800i (yeah, didn't thought I'll need the camera that night.. missed out a tobacco rolling competition also.. ) @ The Embershoppe.  

Jacky and I moved away from the typical Marlboro man holding ciggs type of advert style and wanted to do something that is new, something that captures your attention immediately and better yet something that just makes you want to look at the picture.

In the end, a lighter by itself even with background of ciggs around it or what not, will look a bit dead. I wouldn't mind shooting a Belvedere Vodka bottle in a white desert sand type setting, blue skies and a Belvedere Vodka type tree at the background! but for a Zippo? its a lighter and what better to showcase a lighter in the hand of a man.. ME! kekeke.. anyway I don't own one… yet..

A picture holding a lighter? boring right? .. in the photography line, it is the photographers job to not only put your thumb in the line of fire (literally as the picture shows.. and also multiple times), but to also bring something new even of something  boring. Different angle? different lighting? different crop? 

We went for all 3. The angle is a slightly off, making it look different by itself. As for lighting, we used Nikon's amazing wireless lighting system (2 SB-800) to create a unique lighting effect to further accentuate the thumb and lighter. The last is crop. Well we used this amazing macro / portrait lens, the AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED which can take 1:1 ratio shots!. A simply amazing lens to use for portriats and macro. With this lens, we didn't need to crop the image at all as we can go as close or as far as we liked.

In the end, the image was taken just perfectly fitting the flame and the embershoppe name etched on the lighter. The lighter and hand is both visible but yet not visible which creates extreme visual tension which makes the viewer gaze at the picture for sometime while the viewer looks at every part of the picture.

The flame is perfectly shaped, all thanks to Jacky who manage to timed it right while holding the camera steady. Seriously, shooting at 1/10 of a second with a 105mm lens, even with VR (even with 4 stops VR, means the max is 1/20 of a second) isn't a walk in the park. The problem wasn't the 1/10s but the flame's cooperation in making itself look good.. maybe camera shy.. 😛

In the end, we got the shot we wanted. I'll showcase the full picture here as well as in our Work page later once everything is settled. 

Now its all up to Zippo to give the green light to use their name on this picture. Pray pray!  


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