Wedding event!

Wedding event!

Just attended my cousin's wedding dinner last Sunday at The Ming's Room, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). Food was not bad and presentable as well. Lighting was yellowish (which was common for most restaurants that I frequent to) and the overall atmosphere was noisy yet under controlled esp for a small crowd (THANK GOD!)

What was I doing most of the night? Not watching the newly wedded couple (Cousin! Please excuse me!! Innocent). Most of the time I was watching and observing the photographer the whole night (Hey?! Don't have bad idea, OK). He was using 2 Canon DSLR cameras for the night with his flash shooting straight up to the ceiling and one of the flash had a diffuser on.. Somehow I don't quite understand why he does that as the light from the flash shot straight up + diffuser will be too weak to do much of anything.. especially when people are further away.

Oh well, my cousin is the one who hired him so I had no say in the picture.. I myself would have loved to have brought my NIKON DSLR and show him how its done for my cousin's sake! If not because of my stiff neck and shoulder that does not allow me to move my head that much, I would have done so.. Sigh..

Alright.. Time to rest my stiff neck again.. Will post the next updates soon.


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