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Nikon Shipment Ahoy!

Nikon Shipment Ahoy!

Ah.. anyone in Malaysia right now who's trying to get hold of any Nikon dSLR or lenses are in for a bit of a pain.. and this pain is not new, its been around for a few weeks now. 

If one would have taken a tour at Nikon Malaysia's lovely warehouse.. it'll be really big, dusty and above all else.. EMPTY! maybe other than a few dustballs I guess.  

Its not that Nikon Malaysia didn't stock up, its that they never in their wildest dreams expect that Nikon dSLRs and its lenses  got legs that make even beep beep road runner envious..  That's the power of the genius that went into the D3 and its subsequent children D300, D700 and soon to hit the market with a whallop.. D90..

Just to let you all know, the big boys (D3, D300, D700) are all made in Japan while the D80 and below are made in Thailand.. This should also mean the D90 is made in Thailand.. maybe not the first few batches..

To keep the story short, the shipment of Nikon goodies are expected to arrive end of this month or latest early October.. I'm not sure if this timeline includes the time taken to clear customs..  

I'm guessing that this shipment is from Japan as why would one ship items from Thailand? and the strangest thing is that on this boat that holds our babies also includes the D90.. that's right.. the D90 is apparently on the boat and its going to hit Malaysia's shores very soon.. 

Bad news is that everyone will have to wait for another 3 weeks or so.. and dont' be surprised that soon after arrival, the warehouse is again empty.. like hungry pihranas ya! 

If you can't wait, there's always an oversupply over at the Canon booth! (that's for all the crap I've endured from Canon fanatics prior to the D3's arrival Cool.. like a friend of mine once said.. Canon fanatics are all silent now because of Nikon's low noise technology!) 

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