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Some news and Zippo advert status!

Some news and Zippo advert status!

Hey everyone! 

Its been a while since I've posted an entry.. with the change of weather here in Malaysia which is also known as flu season.. also known to doctors as Ka-Ching!! $$$ cash cow season! I guess I'm not exempted from it Frown

While recovering and getting prepared for Wedding season.. The 8th month of the lunar chinese calander is always the busy month for us photographers.. 

Manage to get consent from a wedding Jacky and I shot on 27th Sept 08 and shall be posting the pictures soon.. so do check out the work section ya!

Obtaining consent is just a matter of being courteous and responsible for the things I post up here. Not legally obligatory unless of course I sell pictures of someone, in which I'll need a model release form.. 

Oh great news everyone! the Zippo advert got approved by Zippo.. the thing is that they have chosen the portrait version and not the square.. The light box in which to house the advert is a 2 feet by 2 feet size, meaning square if maths isn't your cup of tea.. so I guess it'll have black lines on either side of the picture..

Photography is a really strange thing..  altering the image slightly up or down, cropping it here and there, even ever so slightly, alters the feel of the image..  cropping the portrait image into a square just doesn't feel right.. I just hope that things work out and Curve Management will approve the advert for display as soon as possible… fingers crossed!

Ok, here's the approved portrait version..  

So far the feedback received is that the flame on the first version is better.. Well.. I will have a major sit down with the flame and make sure that it won't suffer any performance anxiety.. 😛 Strangely we've tried to take this picture on two occassions with a total of 4+ hours and hundred of pictures.. the flame was just not cooperating.. at times too big, others too small.. only at the very end did some good shots took place.. 
Well its not like the first but it is indeed unique to its own.. a proven testament that the difference between a good image and a great image is being at the right place, the right time and with the right equipment..  
And below is the square version..  

This shot was done with much ease due to the distance (not so close up)..  
Hope to update with good news soon..
Adrian Y. 
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