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Over the Rainbow.. and missed opportunities

Over the Rainbow.. and missed opportunities

There was a time when people kept asking me why do I lug around my camera wherever I go. I've had a few experiences when nature throws one of its spectacular artwork only for me to be caught without my camera or worse.. when I'm driving alone. There was once I remembered of a thunderstorm which created a dark and gloomy image of Kuala Lumpur.. and somewhere furthere in, there was a break in the clouds and that light shown through lighting up the Twin Towers in a way I've never saw it before. 

The silvery twin towers literally stood out of the gloomy background and the way the light shown on the Twin Towers is just so different.. How I regretted not being able to stop in time while driving on a highway at 90KMph.

Anyway, I did manage to catch the image below.. 

Taken with my trusty K800i.. Good for most things with sufficient lighting..

Personally its literally has been a very long while since I've last saw such a visually distinctive rainbow. Other times its just the shy shy types that one must look really hard along with some active clean imagination in order to go .. hey there's a rainbow there.. yeah.. at times I get wierd stares that I know just edges everyone that much closer to speed dialing the Rambutan farm up in Perak.. 

With the current global economy dipping its feet in a pool of recession, lets hope that this is a sign that the economy won't decide to go diving instead..

Signing off,

 Adrian Y. 

(For non-Malaysians, our Mental Asylum is located in Tanjung Rambutan, Perak.. lovingly called the Rambutan Farm.. probably all imaginary)