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Quattro – Avenue K

Quattro – Avenue K

Jacky and I sneaked some time off to check out the latest hotest bar in town called Quattro.. Well.. its not exactly a 4 wheel drive Audi version of Quattro but rather the 4 seasons.. 

Well in Malaysia, there's only one season.. MEGASALE Season!!! … ok fine.. Summer.. all year round.. 

In that aspect, its nice to have a club that brings Summer, Spring, Winter and Autumn all together in one nifty club.. Whatever you are in the mood for, Quattro has it..

We arrived at KLCC around 8pm.. was kind of an unplanned getaway from work hence the bad timing… I would have preferred to arrive slightly earlier to catch the sunset lit sky.. oh well..

In the end, we played a bit on the composition to reduce the amount of 'black' as much as possible.. limited to only one corner of the picture.. which gives a stark contrast to the bright towers which accentuates lines leading to the sky..

The blue signage has two purposes: –

1. Adds color to an otherwise silver black boring combo…

2. It also adds depth to the image.. Something near, something in the middle (the Malaysian flag, plants) and far, the twin towers itself.. A flow towards the towers itself.. 

Here I present to you.. KL Twin Towers..  

After a short stop to take the above picture, we walked across the road and took the below picture of Quattro from the street..

Trust me, there were tons of people walking around..  so how do one take a picture without anyone in it? Easy.. tell that you got a BOMB! and then quickly set up your equipment and snap snap snap before the comando units kick your ass double time..   Cool

Ok fine, seriously.. bring a tripod and put in a long exposure.. very long.. like 20 seconds or more.. that will just make people disappear entirely while maintaining the clarity of the entire image..

On the left is where it all starts.. from Summer.. which is a restaurant styled environment.. easy, relaxing and quiet.. you can sit outside which is where the below image is taken.. 


Below is the shot we took of Quattro from inside Avenue K 


Then right inside, is Autumn.. the main dance club..


There is a walkway in between Autumn and Spring.. the Rain walkway.. which will actually rain for about 5 minutes every hour.. Luckly for you, there is a full time rain miester that will tell people to bring umbrellas in when the time approaches.. When the rain actually fell on KL, I asked this rain miester to switch off the rain outside.. he replied 'Ok, no problem, let me telephon boss atas' .. cheeky fella isn't it.. Tongue out

Interestingly, the waitresses at Autumn are all wearing satin like bathrobes..  kinky eh.. we joked with them saying that they bathed on the Rain walkway then come to work! corny.. yeah… let me use that joke again after a couple of beers.. it'll grow on ya!

Below are more shots of the Autumn bar.. 



Now.. we head down to Winter! where if silky bathrobe waitress isn't getting you off.. try heading upstairs.. and you'll get Moscow KGB bouncers and waitresses waiting for you.. All wearing thick coats and even sporting those wooly hats.. Oh yeah, one must put a RM50 deposit for the coats..

Coats are for wussies.. and we just went in.. well.. all I can say is that the coats are there for a reason..   (truth is, we just followed our tour guide in…. he just walked in with full confidence.. so if he can do it.. so can .. brrrrrr teeth chattering..)

The above is the view of the bar in Winter.. its a smaller setting.. and.. by golly.. its really COLD!

Anyway.. just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, there's an Ice lounge area.. where you find ice sofas.. if you ask me.. its the same thing when you move your living room into an industrial sized freezer..  Tongue out

Already cold, I went in to take some pictures.. the first one was the one closest to the door and air curtain.. If you are one who's blur when the weather report mention Wind Chill Factor? just stand in this air curtain.. and you'll get a good lesson on it.. 

Anyway.. as a professional photographer, I decided to go in to take a better shot of the room.. which is the one below.. strangely.. once exiting this ice cube, the Winter bar just seems warm..  I wonder why.. Tongue out 

The ones that we missed out is Spring.. its an open air lounge bar with a small live band area..  

Finally, we would like to thank George for the tour.. and Cheryl tho we didn't get to meet her that night..  buzy I guess..

Luckly we didn't attend the opening night, the staff there expected 2000 pax, ended up to 4000 pax.. the ice lounge? all melted in the end..

All this talk about carbon causing Global Warming.. if 4000 pax can turn a freezer into a pussycat.. try putting 2 million of us on the north pole.. Cool

I got to admit that the pictures are unlike the Euphoria pictures.. since this a tour guided operation, it won't be nice to have our host wait for us to set up our gizmos on each location….

Maybe next time.. 


Adrian & Jacky