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Good things aren’t cheap.. Cheap things aren’t necessarily good..

Good things aren’t cheap.. Cheap things aren’t necessarily good..

We @ Ardent are actually pretty tied up with product shooting of the entire inventory of YS Lighting & Electrical Equipment.. 

So here's the good and bad about it..

Baaaad – Over 100+ items of varying sizes, shapes, color and reflectance..

Good – Perfection isn't required due to the limited time and sheer numbers of items to photograph..

One item takes about 10 minutes on average to snap.. this includes light setup to fit the item and a few test shoots.. Items that are extremely reflective pose the biggest headache but thank god speed is more important than perfection.. if not, going by Ardent's standard, I will be taking 3 times longer depending on the item.. 

Of course, perfection costs more Time, Energy and Money.. We are flexible to our clients budgets.. of course one can't expect Perfection to be cheap..

That's why I've lovingly placed one of Ardent's sayings as the title of this post.. Good things aren't cheap.. Cheap things aren't necessarily good

This also applies to portriats.. really good portriats take a lot of time both to set up the lights, background etc.. and to talk to the 'star' of the shoot in order for him/her to relax.. 

The human eye is rather sensitive to these things.. we can detect subtle facial reaction that can betray the subject's true feelings whether he/she is relaxed or just plain uncomfortable..  

Only then the shoot starts.. everything before are just preparation work.. and tons of it!! my god..

And 1 out of maybe 100 shots, a masterpiece will rise out from the flames of sweat and hardwork.. which makes everything worth it.. 

That's the passion and love of photography that we have here…

We hope to finish our shoot by this week…


Adrian Y. 

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