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DeepaRaya Pot Luck @ The Embershoppe

DeepaRaya Pot Luck @ The Embershoppe

Last night was a real weird night.. never in my wildest dream that I would have thought to have ended my Friday with…..

Halal Noodle Research!

For the sole purpose of getting fat.. 😛 well I can't since my clothing will start to strike on me..  Its for a good cause.. for a Deepa Raya (Deepavali and Hari Raya Combo) celebration ala pot luck style @ The Embershoppe which starts around 6pm today Saturday 25th October 2008.

We headed down to Uptown to search for the best Halal Noodles.. Can you imagine going up to a shop and asking for Kueh Teow Goreng, Mee Hoon Goreng  and Mee Goreng and having to sample each ala American Idol Judges style.. minus the high pay, large Coke cup and Simon Cowell.. 😛

In the end, this is what we summarized..

Chinese cooking style serves better Mee Hoon Goreng and Kueh Teow Goreng while Malay styles serves a kick ass Mee Goreng. It was the best among all 3 hence we ordered for 30pax of Mee Goreng for tonight.. Yum! 

We @ Ardent would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends and Happy Deepavali for our Indian friends.. and Happy Holidays.. for the 'dan lain lain' / 'others' .. Cool Drive Safe! 


Adrian & Jacky 

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