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DeepaRaya Pot Luck @ The Embershoppe – What went down!

DeepaRaya Pot Luck @ The Embershoppe – What went down!

Hey guys and gals.. yesterday was one helluva pot luck.. lasting from 6 to about 12.30am.. 

All I can say is that last night's Halal Noodle Research paid off.. and paid of it did! with interest.. everyone loved it..  unfortunately the credit can't go to Ardent as our calling isn't about being the best Mee Goreng 'Cookeder' (the name I heard while watching 'Mind Your Language' looong time ago).. rather its about capturing scandalous pictures for sale.. Cool

Everyone had a great time.. tho one thing was missing.. there were unfortunately no Indians around to seal the 'Deepa' part of the celebration.. So I guessed ultimately it was Raya Pot Luck kinda..

The food was amazing.. we had green chilli chicken rendang which was fantabulous (so good until its worth my time to check on the spelling on that word).. Chicken curry was nice.. but what was interesting was Soya Bean Jelly in a tube! I got to say, Jones is a genius to come up with that packaging.. by the way he offers 'sex' as well.. Nothing is what it seems @ the Embershoppe!  Francis did a great job in preparing the soya bean.. and Vincent who made it look like… white stuff in a plastic tube.. that looks like.. No! there isn't any picture.. use your imagination..

After Vincent's stunt, it was no surprising that Jones came up with the idea.. of packaging white soya bean in a plastic tube..

All in all it was a fun night.. 

I'll be checking with CK to see if he wants the photos printed.. as much as people say about digital photographs.. nothing beats printed photographs.. it just feels more authentic and just engages the crowd rather than flashing images onto a monitor.. just doesn't have the same feel..

Anyway I'll see how the pics will be handled.. some of the pics may or may not be posted here or in face book  … Erm.. is this the time to give a certain group of people that night ardent's bank account number? Cool

It was so scandalous that some gal wanted to give me a kungfu panda death pinky move.. I'm printing that picture in 8R.. 

Met up with a gal Esther.. who's really sweet and had really good taste.. she's the only one who wanted a picture with me! lucky gal.. and ok fine.. lucky me as well.. would have wished to have more time.. Sorry baby, got work to do.. next time ya!


Adrian Y.  

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