3 days of weekend (including Deepavali on Monday) has just ended.. sigh.. really wish I can have one more day to spend on just lazing around.. Tongue out Kinda lying to myself as I know it will never be enough.. haha..

It has been quite a hectic weekend though.. First, my niece was sick with flu, fever, and cough.. for a 6 months old little toddler, she seems strong enough but then quite pitiful to see her from being active to being passive now Frown Then comes the Pot Luck event on Sat night which me and Adrian had attended.. we were there from 6+pm until 12+am.. very tired after that but it is indeed a very fun event.. lots of food going around especially the green chilli chicken.. Syiok!!

Sunday… It was the day where I can really just relax around, thinking about nothing, letting myself to recover from the past hectic weeks of work, work, and work.. Now I feel better so much better after letting myself relax..

I hope everyone else also had a fun weekend just as well..

Catcha later.



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