Embershoppe 4th Meet & Greet Party

Embershoppe 4th Meet & Greet Party

Update 6th Nov 2008 : Added the rest of the pictures under the Work section Events II.  

Hey guys and gals!  

Was at Ember last Sat (1st Nov) to welcome Mr Alfredo Andrés Pino the master cigar roller from Havana, Cuba as well as to witness a cigar ash competition.. the person with the longest arsh wins! kekeke.. i mean ass.. i mean.. cigar ash..  yeah that's what I meant..

Anyways here's the picures of it… 

Yum.. yummy strawberries awaiting their turn to dip into the hot chocolate ala fondue style! yum..

And wouldn't be complete without a picture of the gals right?

Here's Vincent, showing off his asssh.. Cool
Seriously, the 2nd hand smoke from every participant in a small room at a time when The Curve air conditioning is on the fritz, really gave me a dizzing headache… and have yet to recover completely.. potent stuff..
Catch ya guys and gals later!
Adrian Y.