Recovering @ Pavilion KL

Recovering @ Pavilion KL

Hey guys and gals…

After a long hectic, going on with insufficient sleep and changable weather finally KOed us last weekend. Jacky and I are down with the flu.. so we decided to just hang back and just recouperate.. with…  a… delicious.. lunch.. Nasi Bojari.. from Madam Kwan..  I could swear that it has medicinal value.. well I don't need to convince myself since this is the .. erm.. evidence.. 

Seriously if you haven't tried it already, please do, the Nasi Lemak isn't that bad either..

Oh by the way, we hanged at at Pavilion last Sunday.. was just recovering and relaxing while taking just random shots .. below are the shots taken with the ever so famous 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom Nikkor.. its the perfect event and every day lens due to its immense flexibility… of course its not perfect, nothing in life ever is tho it never fails to boggle my mind to find the number of people that nit pick on every single detail.. 
Sure there are other better lenses but when you have an event and things unfold right infront of you.. plus the fact that you can't be everywhere at the same time, a versatile zoom that covers a decent wide to a tele is perfecto.. I prefer to get 'the shot' with this lens rather than switching lenses and lose it.. better safe than sorry… if I've got Jacky to back me up or if I got the time during quieter periods of the event, sure I won't mind switching lenses.. and switch back to this baby when show starts..
I have to sallute Nikon for coming up with this lens launched way back on the 1st of Nov 2005.. Canon just only recently launched its own version of the 18-200 f/3.5-5.6.. an almost 3 years later.. tho Tamron and Sigma introduced its own tho its a f/3.5-6.3.. 
Anyway, these are the pictures of a EPICentre event showcasing Apple products at the main lobby of Pavilion KL..  
Ok, now the zoomed in pictures, can you spot where the pictures below are taken from the wide angle shots above? kekek like hunting for Waldo..  
Zoomed right in at 200mm.. with a purported 4 stop of VR, one should be able to handhold this baby with up to 1/25sec shutter speed…  
Just took a candid shot of the entrance of Pavilion before we headed back to PJ..  
More next time.. hopefully to recover as soon as possible.. till then..
Adrian Y. 
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