2008 – Coming to a close

2008 – Coming to a close

Hey Guys & Gals,

Its already approaching the end of the year.. fast isn't it?

Soon it'll be Christmas.. and the ushering of 2009.. and the whole year starts again from the top..  

December will be pretty interesting and hope that a few projects work out on our side.. nice to end 2008 with a bang! a good one of course.. 

I'll write more of what transpired for Ardent in 2008 at the end of December.. but you are sure to see more pictures of the events we'll be attending.. Christmas & New Years should be good..  

Will be heading down to Zeta tomorrow Sat 22nd Nov 2008.. to meet up with the Canadian based band Exit-t .. the last we saw them was after the CLEO fashion awards 2008.. the big dog Louis.. really so do look like American Idol winner Taylor Hicks.. 

Anyway, till the next update, I'll leave you with Suction bear..  kekek each of his hands has a suction cup.. Cool


Adrian Y. 

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