Scarlet @ Cineleisure

Scarlet @ Cineleisure

Hey guys and gals!

Last Sat we were at the Curve to check on the status of the Zippo lighter advert.  Ardent's picture is 1 of 3.. and the one holding up the process is a cigar picture if I'm not mistaken.. my zippo advert's been approved long ago.. that damn cigar.. anyways.. targetted to be up in December 08.. so do check it out when visiting Embershoppe which is situated behind the Volksvagen showroom.. 

Well we did had a bit of time and decided to just do some random snaps.. seems like there'll be a big christmas tree .. you think? Cool 

Tho the white christmas tree at Pavilion KL last Christmas was much much larger and gives more of a Christmasy feeling.. unsure if this year Pavilion KL will have it again.. will snap some pics if they do..

Anyway these are some of the random pics taken by Jacky using the AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED to just take some close up of items found at Scarlet.. When things are up close, it just take a different prespective even if its an everyday object.. every object will have its own distinctive marks, nicks and scratches to give character to the object.. like so.. 

Or, you can go with a 'what's that?' type of picture.. taking a close up of just a section of an item with enough detail to get one's attention but insufficient to go 'i know what that is' straight out.. 
The rest of the shots are taken with the AF-S VR Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G ED lens of the rest of the interior of Scarlet.. Glenmorangie.. one of the better single malt whiskies around.. if you are the type to just bottoms up, then I suggest going with the cheaper Black Label.. good whisky is like good wine, never meant to be bottoms up.. and if you intention is just to get smashed/drunk, suggest just drinking Absinth.. gets there faster .. which is a small step before drinking pure alcohol.. (Absinthe ranges from 45% – 75%)
And this is how Scarlet looks like
A well stacked Belvedere Vodka bottles.. Ardent prefers Grey Goose.. tho its slightly cheaper than Belvedere when buying from ColdStorage.. 
I noticed that many people rarely look up.. well as a professional photographer, everything needs to be observed.. people who frequent Scarlet may not notice this wonderful chandelier..  
Ok.. that's about it for Scarlet.. afterwhich we headed down to Zeta Bar… Till then..
Adrian Y. 
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