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Exit-T Performing Live @ Zeta Bar KL Hilton

Exit-T Performing Live @ Zeta Bar KL Hilton

Hey Guys & Gals!

     If any of you are interested in good live bands? well then you shouldn't go to Zeta Bar.. but if you are interested in REAAALLLY good live bands? then yeah Zeta's the place for you.. Cool

     Let me take the honors in introducing Exit-T a Canadian based band.. they don't do karaoke.. they take Celine Dion 'I'm alive' and put their own beat to it.. that's right.. check out their song list.. you ought to listen to their version of Happy Birthday.. its awesome.. right up to the point when Junior (Leading Male Vocal) gave the mic to one of the birthday gal's husband/boyfriend? and instead of just giving a short birthday wish.. NOOoOOo.. that dude decided to SING!! the old crappy version of Happy Birthday.. 

     The whole place went silent when he completed his crappy rendition of Happy Birthday to his 'darling _____' my god.. goose bumps.. even the band went silent.. probably in shock.. how I wished everyone heard me screaming "Throw him out!" even if its just in my head..  

      Exit-T will only be performing until 2nd of Jan 09 and Zeta is packed so please do call ahead to make a reservation or you'll be one of many who can't get in because the whole place is full. 

      Ok, these are the pictures of that night.. 

Jacky and Louis (the head of Exit-T who so happen kinda looks like Taylor Hicks .. maybe the Canadianized version.. Cool)  

Breaking with the taboo that photographers don't get their pictures taken, I went and kicked the black cat (I literally so happen to have a black cat in which I do kick often .. lovingly of course.. )  

The picture of the band and how dark the place is.. that's to appreciate how well expose the above pictures are.. Cool 

A good friend of Ardent.. Tik Loon.. posing with the rest of us..  

Of course.. that's Mr. Sugu.. an amazing fella.. as promised I manage to hijack him for a while to have a picture taken with him.. one of a few moments when he stood still! totally dedicated and professional to his work there @ Zeta.. which is probably one of the reason why its so well managed.. kudos ..  

And later outside, the interior of KL Hilton.. amazingly decorated.. 

Ok.. got to head off.. enjoy the pictures.. I'll catch up with all of you soon..


Adrian Y. 

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