Haagen Dazs KLCC & White Christmas @ Pavilion

Haagen Dazs KLCC & White Christmas @ Pavilion

Hey everyone!

I'm guessing everyone's been busy Christmas shopping? While everyone was out doing their stuffs, Ardent went to hang out at KLCC which is currently in construction of a huge Christmas tree right on the concourse area.. its so huge that I'll need a wide angle lens to get the entire tree into focus..  Seems like someone really wanted to rival Pavilion's tree.. 

While at KLCC, we couldn't resist not saying Hi to our beloved Kak Jen from Haagen Dazs.. ok fine.. the ice cream called for us as well… it is said that the best way to get RID of temptation is to SUBMIT right? we went along with conventional wisdom on this one..

Do drop by at Haagen Dazs @ KLCC and ask for Kak Jen..  pick whatever you like but let Kak Jen help you to select the best mix of ice cream flavours that perfectly blends into something magical that words and pictures find hard to describe..

These are the pictures of our yummy desert.. had to fight the urge while taking these shots..   

And then we moved towards what's happening with Pavilion KLCC.. hhmm.. no white Christmas tree in the main concourse area .. I wonder where it grew this time around.. 

Right.. the tree decided to move camp towards the sun shine sitting directly under the Pavilion signage.. Talk about glorry hogger.. Tongue out
Its seriously huge tho not as huge as the one in KLCC. KLCC's tree is quite hard to capture without distorting the image with a wide angle lens.. Would help if I had a Prespective Control (PC) lens but I don't since we don't do architectural photography to that extent to warrant such a purchase..
Anyway that Christmas tree @ KLCC is going to be a real pain as its base covers the entire area which was used for exhibitions.. So as great as it seems to have a huge Christmas tree, its eating up valuable space which could have been used for Christmas dances / events and the like..
As you see, even when Pavilion had their huge white Christmas tree last year, they have sufficient space to place it AND place Christmas exhibitions / events around it.. but KLCC just doesn't have such space and yet they decided to grew one right smack in the middle of KLCC..  seriously, you can't miss it.. tho you maybe in danger of straining your neck looking up..
Till the next time..
Adrian Y. 
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