Embershoppe 1st Year Anniversary

Embershoppe 1st Year Anniversary

Hey hey!

Congratulations to CK & Jane from The Embershoppe @ The Curve in Mutiara Damansara on their 1st year anniversary! which was held last night.. it was a packed event with people both in and outside.. all busy enjoying themselves awaiting some of the competitions such as rolling ciggs competition to be held later that night..

Jacky and myself was unfortunately too tired and didn't want to over extend outselves and had to leave.. the good thing is there were others willing to take pictures of the event..

We @ Ardent are pretty easy going, not meaning that we are professionals we MUST stamp our territory (unless if its a paid event then of course we'll do what is necessary to get the job done).. neh.. frankly our behavior also reflects that of our host CK.. and besides.. do we really need so many pictures of the same thing? don't want people to get flash induced 'star gazed' looks going back home..

So these are the only pictures taken by me that night.. as requested by Mardi.. That's Ardent's good friend Ben Ng who's covering his face in sheer shame of being linked to Mardi who's allegedly gay.. kekeke Cool

Tho hide as much as you can, its just a matter of time before Mardi gets his day.. luckly bro, you ain't bending over to pick up that bar of soap.. Wink 

There was another event on last Friday, 12th of Dec 2008.. those pictures will be posted either in the work section or on this blog once our lovely client gives the green light..

Till then,


Adrian Y. 

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