And We Are Back!

And We Are Back!

Hey guys and gals!

How's your Christmas celebrations? We just got home not too long ago after our event in Penang which is called

The Island Dance Party 2008 @ Club Momo Penang

There are tons of pictures to sort through for prints and delivery.. and of course we'll be posting some here as well for your viewing pleasure. Its a bit late after a 4 hour drive from Penang.. damn blur cow.. We @ Ardent would like to thank the following people in no particular order: –

Mylen – The crazy nut fun but yet strangely amazingly capable (a rare mix) dude from PowerHouseAdAgency.. arranged all our accomodations and some sight seeing around Penang.. Thanks dude! .. Oh yeah, wore your helmet recently? Cool

Ben Ng –  Thanks for showing us one of the finest asam laksa as well as one indian curry house.. as well as help on navigation when we get lost around Penang.. kekkee.. our own personal human interactive GPS.. Cool

Claire Large – A real straight up DJ from London.. spent most of the time hanging out with her and its just simply fun.. believe it or not we have the exact same birthday.. down to even the year! 

DJ G-Mix, DJ Sam Chiko and DJ Sashi Blue – DJ's from KL's Aloha club.. seriously its been a pleasure meeting up with you all.. professional and yet keeping everything cool and fun.. just awesome..  

Ok.. its time to head down to sleep..  more later..


Adrian Y. 

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