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Looking back @ Christmas 08

Looking back @ Christmas 08

Hey everyone!

Things haven't stop moving since reaching back KL from Penang.. tons of overdue pictures to process.. so lets get started shall we?

Ok, these are the pictures of what went down at the Curve.. Here's Ardent's Christmas angel, Analene posing along side Ardent's resident photographer, Jacky..  

Where we sat was kinda strategic to take these before Christmas pictures.. 

So far so good.. tho there were tons of 'horny' devils around..

Of course, Christmas won't be Christmas without the designated Snowman or in this case snow woman.. 

Even the devil can't help but to turn white.. 

Everyone's dousing everyone.. 

And what happens when you have a sea of people surrounding a cool Christmas tree armed to the teeth with both hands of snow sprays?

I present to you, the White Christmas in Malaysia.. 

And the group picture.. breaking with tradition, me in the picture..

Well that's about that.. New Year's Eve is going to be even more happening with MBPJ closing specific roads and is the designated area for MBPJ to launch their own NYE countdown.. ought to be great! Will keep all of you posted!


Adrian Y.  

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