Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year 2009!

Hey guys and gals!

Happy new year from Jacky and myself @ Ardent.. Over the course of the year, we've met with many wonderful talented, passionate and just simply cool people that has aided us in developing Ardent.. We would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts..

Just to name a few in no apparent order:-

Ben Ng – Thanks for raising our standards of food and drinks to the point that 90% of things now suck.. and hey, I'm still not a bankrupt…. yet.. wheeeee

CK & Jane (Embershoppe) – Thanks for giving us the opportunity to shoot that Zippo advert.. still dying to see it placed in a light box.. but never than less, thanks for welcoming us and making us feel like one of the gang..

Vincent Lim – Hey dude! wassup.. thanks for just being so warm and just eccentric… in a good way!

Vincent Dang (FocusPoint) – Hey my fellow rebel! Thanks so much for taking care of my eyes! kekeke still waiting for that new lens that just blocks when I see aunties wearing 2 sizes too small for their own good..  

Marvin (Rain) – What can I say dude? Thanks so much for taking care of us and welcoming us to your new joint Rain.. your warm charm and hospitality is just amazing.. you'll do well..

Mylen (PowerHouseAdAgency) – Macha! whao, thanks for taking care of us when we are in Penang.. yes and thanks for making me go to the beach while I'm wearing my James Bond shoes..  Keep those chinese swear words coming! and lets do more projects together..

Amin – The dude! thanks man for just being supportive and being that cool dude that you are..

Bob (Breeze TTDI) – Hey! how can I forget one of our favourite bartenders! seriously, it all started with you and thanks for all the cool quality drinks and just being a friend! cheers bud!

Zaferry – The person that helped pushed us into the right direction.. without him, Ardent wouldn't have been born and boy would we have missed out tons of adventures this year.. thanks taiko! Hope to keep up the high quality in standard that you've set for us and thanks for the opportunities as well as allowing us to be YS Studio Uptown's official photographers! Cheers!

Clare Large (UK DJ) – Hey gal! ever met someone who's born on the same day, month and year but 1000 miles due north in UK? well I have! you rock gal! straight and just wicked.. 

Ms Tang / Ken (YS Photo Uptown) – Thanks for handling all of our picture processing and your superb customer service! wouldn't have send my picture's development anywhere else.. don't trust em..

Analene (Scarlet) – Hey gal! its been a year since we've met and all I can say is that my gal has all grown up! Thanks for just being who you are and such a wonderful friend.. don't forget to eat that chocolate!

Bibby Lee (La Mode) – Ah, Ardent's official hair stylist.. thanks for keeping us in style and being such a great friend.. 

Staff of Club Momo (Penang) , Zeta Bar, Rain Bistro,  Breeze, Quattro, Scarlet, Sanctuary, Euphoria – Thanks for taking care of us and being such wonderful hosts..

Friends and family of Ardents – Thanks for being supportive and all the advices and patience that you've given to us.. You know who you are and tho its too many to list, it doesn't change the way we appreciate you all.. cheers! 

That's all for now.. Its been 4 months since Ardent was born and we have a lot to be thankful for.. wouldn't have made it where we are now without all of you.

Now, lets work hard and make 2009 another kick ass year! as for now? lets just get drunk and celebrate..  


Adrian Y. 

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