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Bauyen’s Dinner Gathering in Dec 2008

Bauyen’s Dinner Gathering in Dec 2008

Hey guys and gals!

How's everyone's 09 been? We @ Ardent sincerely wishes everyone all the best ya!

I just manage to get a small window of time to publish the photos taken during Bauyen's dinner gathering to celebrate her marriage last December 2008.. The dinner is held at Jarrod & Rawlins at Damansara Heights.. 

With respect to our client, the photos can only be released now after receiving the green light from her.  

So please do enjoy the pictures where the bulk of the photos are in the work section of this site here for your viewing pleasure. I've enclosed a small preview images below of the event.

Kekkee.. Fui Yen showing up late VIP style and getting a healthy dose of Bauyen's wrath.. dun play play wei!  

The groom needs to find his wife just by elbow identification! touch touch touch.. hhmm.. touch some more.. if you look at the full album under the work section, all I can say is that the gal in the blue dress tried later to be more aquainted with her own albow..  pictures do speak a thousand words.. Wink

In another rare moment, the photographer got his picture taken.. everyone in the photo are my school mates from Sekolah Menegah Damansara Utama batch of 1997. 

That's Bauyen's French hubby being swamped by intoxicated Malaysian females.. ain't sure if that's a good thing since his wife is just next to him with what appears to be a choke hold on to his neck..  Cool

So that's about it, there's a few more pictures especially the full catalog of the MoMo clubbing event in Penang to publish.. I hope to do it within this week so keep checking in ya!


Adrian Y. 


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