Inspired Wallpapers by Ardent

Inspired Wallpapers by Ardent

Hey guys and gals!

         There's been requests on creating some interesting wallpapers from some of the shots taken by us.. so not to disappoint, below are the preview and the downloadable wallpaper files below it.. the wallpapers are sized at 1024×768.. Of late, we've not been able to capture that many flower pics tho hopefully opportunity to do so will appear along with the chance of taking really interesting landscape shots.. well I hope that you'll enjoy the pictures as much as we loved taking them.


Adrian Y.

DSC_0800.JPG (135.54 kb)


DSC_3059.JPG (116.52 kb)


DSC_3235.JPG (110.29 kb)


DSC_3916.JPG (126.35 kb)


DSC_3925.JPG (137.18 kb)


DSC_3932a.JPG (134.11 kb)


DSC_3937.JPG (138.21 kb)


DSC_3957_1.jpg (108.39 kb)


DSC_3977.jpg (131.64 kb)


DSC_3980.JPG (133.59 kb)


DSC_3999.JPG (130.82 kb)


DSC_4001.JPG (138.70 kb)


DSC_4070.JPG (125.36 kb)


DSC_4090a.JPG (131.86 kb)


DSC_4330.JPG (115.22 kb)


DSC_4362.JPG (162.51 kb)


DSC_4365.JPG (146.43 kb)


DSC_4369.JPG (165.79 kb)


DSC_4371.JPG (145.13 kb)

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