Trip To Phuket – Part 5

Trip To Phuket – Part 5

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           Ok.. there is no way that I can not talk about the food in Phuket.. especially sea food! so is it true that the sea food there is cheap and fresh? well.. how can I put it midly.. DAMN YES! oops..  my bad.. Cool

           Hehehe.. so yes, one should sample the lobsters and prawns.. the fish over there is somewhat comparative to Malaysia.. probably due to the fact that in Malaysia we import lobsters and large prawns while fish we have plenty..

           So below is the first dinner I had at a restaurant along Song Roy Pee Road (the road just behind the road along the beach).. 100gm of lobster and prawn costs about RM15 which includes the price of cooking..  so we had 2 of the largest prawns I ever saw, one BBQ and the other steamed.. I advice going for the steam version as the meat is much more tender and sweet, the BBQ although different in taste, can get quite hard easily when it gets colder as most of its moisture is drawn out from the meat by the fire. 


Close up of that large prawn.. damn this these ought to have a mandatory chollesterol check..  

And of course being in Thailand.. one needs to have the ever so famous and authentic tom yum thai style.. yuuumm… tho unfortunately been down spiced as most foreigners can't take the authentic spicy version.. even when requested to be most spicy, it came out just so-so..  

The above, tho looks like a novel way of serving tom yum.. its quite bad in terms of design as the ladel provided was slightly too large to effectively scoop out the soup..  

Ah.. then came the king of all… the lobster.. steamed with garlic.. wheeeeeeee  my god its large and full of meat..  there was once I've taken lobster back in Malaysia only to find out that the shell is huge but the abdomen where the meat is contained is small in comparison.. but this is obviously not the case.. 

On the 2nd night, we went slightly further down the road, just past the bangla road intersection and found those open air restaurants.. this place charges even cheaper.. at RM10 per 100gm.. the seafood selection is further in the shop where you get to pick your selection of yummilicious and chollesterol laden crustacean to fill your tummy.. 

I find that this place better than the first night's dinner.. the only downside is that there isn't any air-con option but there are tons of big fans to keep you cool.. 

This time around we skipped the prawns and substituted with 2 crabs instead.. notice how long that lobster whisker is?  As for me, the green curry isn't so yummy and ended up being isolated while the other dishes get clean off the plate..

So in the end, don't go to the restaurants facing the beaches (costs about RM 20 per 100 gm) but rather the road before that.. walk past Bang La Road for even more value for money sea food at RM10 per 100gm.. 

There's a few more pics left in this Phuket trip of ours.. till then..


Adrian Y. 

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