Trip To Phuket – Part 8

Trip To Phuket – Part 8

Hey guys and gals!

              This will be the final part of our multi-part article on our trip to Phuket.. Hope the articles are informative and the pictures captivated you as we bring you along 'virtually' to Phuket..  

             There are many many attractions in Phuket, such as temples and the amazing night life such as the famous Tiger Show.. We did sample the night life at Bang La Road.. cocktails go for about RM15-RM20 with gals dancing on counter tops.. and was introduced a bar game that uses a wooden box and 2 dices something like the Shut The Box picture below.. 


For those who haven't played, its quite simple and helps pass the time.. basically you just roll the dices and flip over the number that you choose from either

  • The lowest single dice number
  • Sum of both dices

If both options above has already been flip, then its game over.. so the objective is to keep on rolling until you get all 12 numbers flipped.. sounds easy right? but nobody got up to 9 that night.. closest was 8 in a row .. 

Getting back to the night life scene, there are plenty of bars at Bang La Road.. with one of the most talked about attraction is the ever so famous Tiger Show, probably only second to the other famous show the Ah Qua or Transvestite show.. didn't get to watch either tho.. maybe next time.. Cool 

       In Malaysia, some of our roadside snacks are things such as Goreng Pisang (Banana fritters) or Goreng Keledek (Fried sweet potato) .. but here, we found this, Banana Pancake.. that you can choose from an assortment of different add-on ingredients.. I've tried the Nutella and as well as Honey .. not bad actually.. if you find one, do stop and give it a go.. Smile 

After checking out from the hotel, we made a stop at the famous Pon Tip sea shop which is actually along the road from Patong towards the Phuket International Airport..  

Yeah… you get a large ass fish sawadikuping you when you enter.. this place sells a helluva variety of dried foods from nuts to dried sotong (squid) to dried meat floss and even fresh honey.. Lets take cashew nuts for an example, you can get the typical roasted variety, but you can get those anywhere.. so I end up getting the wasabi flavored cashew nuts.. whao.. its really wasabi flavored plus the kick.. Cool 

With typical Thailand style of customer service, every one of the different food types comes with a sample in a small plastic container.. so feel free to sample and decide…

Anyway, you buy 10 packets, you can get 1 item free which is their fried anchovies and also entitles you to a lucky draw.. which in my case got me another packet of…. fried anchovies.. oh well..

So all in all, I bought like 12 packets in a large big plastic bag.. which I then realized, damn.. How in hell am I going to stuff all this into the luggage? seriously there was no way to hand carry or stuff it anywhere..

Of course, the friendly staff at Pon Tip already had the answer.. 'Sir you want me to box it for you?' I'm like.. box? what do I need a box? until I realized their box is a shipping ready packaging.. they even have their own special Pon Tip box that you can write your name and other information on a pre-printed area on the box..  

I initially thought.. not bad.. they taped it and I thought it ended there.. but no.. they even put 2 plastic belts over the box (picture below) for added measure.. and best of all.. its all free of charge..   

That's the wonder of my trip.. as a tourist, I felt so taken care of.. mostly due to the pro-active measures to help resolve typical touristy problems such as the pon tip packaging issue above.. 

So off we left Pon Tip and made our way across the road to newly opened shopping area.. its mostly branded items with discounts but then again I could have gotten this back in Malaysia.. the only difference is that any VAT I pay here I can reclaim it back at the airport..  

Couldn't resist taking the above shot.. when taking a silhoutte type image, if its not something easily recognizable, its best to have the foreground slightly lit (not too brightly as it will look fake as the sun is backlighting the foreground) .. meter the foreground and place it about 2-3 stops down.. the above image wasn't photoshop and that lens flare is genuine… this crazy lens, even with the sun shining directly at it only created that tiny lens flare.. 

Lens flare is ok when you take pictures like the above as its a natural thing, what you don't want is lens flare without seeing the light source.. that would look just wierd.. and of course keeping the lens flare to minimal will prevent distracting the viewer while giving it a natural look..

So in the end, like all journeys, everything comes to an end.. leaving Phuket was really difficult, not only for the beautiful beaches but for the warmth of the people there.. their hospitality is just something that we on this side of the border got to dig deep to learn and improve.. 

We touched down at LCCT at about midnight..  and was greeted with a walk on the tarmac spanning the length of the entire LCCT terminal! only to exit and to walk back the entire of the LCCT terminal towards the bus station.. in all seriousness, we literally walked around the LCCT terminal.. only to be informed that the we have to wait for an hour for the busses which was originally stated to leave every 30 minutes.. their excuse? all of a sudden too good a business until 2 of their reserve busses got used as well..  One would expect that the Air Asia bus operators should know the number of flights arriving at a certain time and do a better job at planning..  rather than making tourists wait for 1 hour in the middle of the night!

To add further insult, when the bus finally did come, everyone pushed their way into the bus..  some tourists had to be booted out of the bus as it was full..


'Welcome to Malaysia'   


Adrian Y. 

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