Sky Bar with Ben Ng

Sky Bar with Ben Ng

Hey everyone!

       After a long busy week processing a heap of photos for a few projects from last week, we @ Ardent decided to just chill out and doing that in style by spending Sat night at Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel KL.   

      For a period from 15th to 18th July and 23rd to 25th July, Ben Ng who started out bartending at the age of 17, mixing it from his hometown's Farquhar Bar in the Eastern & Oriental Hotel Penang to West London's chic Baroque. Today he's a highly sought after as a consultant and trainer in the art of mixology. With a breadth of experience spanning Moscow, Beijing, Singapore, Jakarta and Bali, Ben is now bringing his edgy cocktails to SkyBar.. That's what its written on the LCD screen, of course this down sampled version is going to be too small to read but I've cropped it so that it'll be enlarged in the below version. 


So, feel free to drop by and check his lovely cocktails out.. seriously if you get to see him behind the bar, he's like a road runner, mixing up all his cocktails in sheer percision and passion.. every single detail of the drink from the taste down to the outlook as in what to decorate it and what glass it best be presented.. all of these small little details that escape the regular customers but for this dude? its all about getting the cocktails right and of course at blazing light speed.. 

The next few series of images are taken in Black and White.. it only works well in certain arrangements such as to highlight big clear texts and when the subject is of large enough to draw the viewer..  

SkyBar made a really cool menu just for his event..  

Ok the drinks is a bit hard to read but basically he fused local fruits in his cocktails in this round of selections such as Mangosteen Mist, Rambutan Runner and Mango & Rambutan Daiquiri among others.. 

Got to say, its all lovely! damn this fool is going to make Ardent bankrupt in no time.. 

Below are the pictures of MOET.. shot using our new baby AF-S 14-24mm Nikkor lens..  

The idea is to just get the wordings in sharp focus with the rest slowly blurred away.. 

And back to color.. below is a shot taken at 200mm using the popular AF-S 18-200 Nikkor..  The idea is to see the wordings but yet get the sweat and the ice surrounding it.. 

Ah.. back to the delicious cocktails..  the Rambutan and Mango Daiquiri … yummlicious!

This one.. erm.. terlupa.. but taste amazing as well..  

Ah.. and the maestro himself.. Ben Ng.. taking this dude's picture is an artform in itself..  as he doesn't stop moving, one needs to predict his 'tempo' and snap during his slower movements.. but I've a feeling he's purposely puting things in front of him whenever my camera is raised ready to snap.. time to go for long range zoom.. paparazi style!

I wanted a picture of Ben overlooking the KL Tower in the background.. its seriously an amazing bar to both work and just hang and chill.. 

Ben.. all serious in preparing the drinks..  no playing with this dude when it comes to work..   

And more so when it comes to my drinks.. hehehe.. as I'll be photographing it after he's done with it.. 

And the final shot of the length of the busy bar..  

So that's about it for our Saturday night out with Ben Ng supplying the intoxicating and yummilicious cocktails..  So do drop by to SkyBar on 23rd to 25th July and sample the unique and lovely cocktails by Ben.. try the Mango and Rambutan.. I wonder if he'll start using Durian soon.. Cool more later!


Adrian Y.  

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