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Robinsons 2nd Year Aniversary – The Event

Robinsons 2nd Year Aniversary – The Event

Hey guys and gals!

          As in my previous post, on the 10th of September 2009, Robinsons @ The Gardens Mid Valley celebrated their 2nd Anniversary and of course, they employed Ardent's photography services to capture the essence of the event. 

          I would like to start of by thanking Robinsons for sharing their precious event with us. I hope that Ardent can extend our photography services for many many events to come.

          The photos are actually up but its on Ardent's private gallery and not in the public portfolio for the time being. It'll be transfered after a week so do check back for it. Of course it won't consist of the entire collection but a subset of it.    

          Below are just some preview photos of the event. As you see, we @ Ardent don't just take images, we tell stories with it. With that in mind, each photo needs to have an art direction to express the mood of the different stages of the event. 

          First we start of with the entrance of the pre-event preparation area. Its of course a private area (one of the perks of being the official photographer Cool, its part of the job to go behind the scenes). 

    There was a large window that brought in huge amounts of sunlight. Great for the Shu Uemura make up artists but to  photographers. Its tricky, very tricky. But then again, its part and parcle of the job, so no whining on Ardent's part there. I wanted a picture of the make up process and wanted to use the sun light as the primary light. With that vision in mind, the below image was taken. The sunlight hits the side of her face but not overly done until you can't distinctively see the outlines of her face. Of course I timed it right when the person at the back with the black shirt was standing right behind her. This shirt gave the necessary contrast especially on that sun lit area.  A studio shoot would have been even more perfect but this is taken as is, so a lot of it bores down to luck as no matter how skillful you are as a photographer, without that 'moment', it means for nothing. 

To capture the essence of the moment and couple that with Ardent's ability to take natural, balanced and creative images,  you'll get a shot like below. The shot below shows the calm and relaxed atmosphere during the pre-event stage, a model waiting for her hair to be done (notice those hair clips) quietly using the idle time to read a book and mixing it with a bit of Ardent magicical lighting and angle, further brings out the subject. The shot below was taken with the 105mm Nikkor f/2.8 lens.

Coming to the next image, I wanted an image that showcases the size of Robinsons (spanning 3 floors) and the crowd lining up to go in. 

The image below is what visual tension is all about, horizontal lines at the background gives way to vertical and diagonal lines on the paper bag.  

The crowd on that day was immensely long, stretching from Robinsons main entrance right close to reaching Isetan on the other end. The problem in taking a photo of the end of this long queue is that it serves no connection to Robinsons. Yes, you'll see a long queue but for what? such picture on its own serves little but was also taken as per client's request to take a picture at the end of the queue. The client is always right, right?.. RIGHT! 

Anyway, I'd prefer taking a shot like below. The sea of heads all looking towards Robinsons, all blurred except for the Robinsons signage, taken in portriat form, gives a natural flow into the image. 

Ah.. and of course part of my job is to take close up of the models. These models are modeling the handbags and assesories hence I took this half body shot that showcases just that. Nothing spectacular but this gal here had one of the sweetest smiles of all the models that day and of course she smiled at me all the time, which gets her 1 gold star .. Cool 

    And of course, the Fashion Show.. 

Below is the shot of the finale, where all the models take their final post up the platform.  

The fashion show was hosted by Marion Caunter with the top 4 model contestant from a local reality show, gracing the catwalk. Below are the top 4 model contestant having their photos taken. 

        That's about it for this round. Will try to find time to post more later.  


Adrian & Jacky 

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