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Shudokan Malaysia – On Site Studio Shoot

Shudokan Malaysia – On Site Studio Shoot

Hey everyone!

        Ok, time for some backdated entry. A few weeks back I set up an on site photo studio to extend Ardent's professional services to the Aikido Shudokan Malaysia (ASM). Their website can be found here.  

        As you can see, I brought in two studio lights with me on the set. The reason why I decided to do an on-site shoot is simply because of the size of the action and the flexibility that you can only get at a large set. The only problem is the background which requires at least 2-3 sets of photography paper which costs easily above RM400+ which wasn't that practical. 

         Anyway the shoot started at around 2pm (set up began at 12pm) and ended around 8pm.. non stop..  but that's how life is on a studio set.. and like in a typical studio set, the client or in this case the Technical Director Sensei Ramlan and co-Technical Director Sensei Ken will provide me with the general idea on what they want.. and I'll use my photography mojo to achieve what they want.. of course I'll give feedback like ok this pose, the face isn't that appealing and we'll strike a well balance compromise between what looks good and what the image should portray.   


Above are all the technical directors analysing the 'models' to ensure that their form are all right and proper for the camera.  

All of these off studio shots are taken without any flash (to not prematurely trigger the studio lights) thus the photos may not be up to our standard but is shown here just to highlight the behind the scene of the studio shoot.

      Yup, that's me in action.. that fella really looks like in pain..  

     Ah.. a POV (point of view) angle shot..  

      Not to be vain (I'm sure those who knows me might say otherwise), I love this photo simply because it shows the busy studio with me being at the centre of attention.. a calm element among a busy environment type of feel..  Kudos to Jacky in taking this shot..  


     Hey, we @ Ardent knows how to have some fun as well, no need to serious right?  Tongue out kinda scary when all these fellas can just kill you with their pinky finger.. Cool

      Awww.. a sweet moment..  

      Now back to the topic of fusion of what the client wants and Ardent's photography mojo.. Ok the shot below, the client basically wants to have a proper form and the person being thrown should be vertical in the air.. So this all bores down to timing of the shot which isn't that big of an issue. So now, what I added in was simply to break away from convention of freezing both in action which to Ardent is basically a dead type of shot.. there is no life nor energy in a action frozen shot..

       So fusing with the client's requirements, I placed a slight blur to the person being thrown as shown below. With that slight blurring, it shows motion while maintaining sharp focus on everything else..  In the end, what we have is a photo that is filled with energy, beauty and form.      

      Needless to say the client was really happy with the photos. All in a days work here @ Ardent..  


Adrian Y. 

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