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Product Photography – The Art

Product Photography – The Art


        Its a week before Christmas.. hope everyone's geared up for the Christmas festive cheers! In the mean time, lets continue with some introduction on Product photography.. 

         For Ardent, we have a wide range of product photography, not in terms of what we take but rather on the number of lights used and the number of set up used as well..  as everything bores down to effort and time taken for each shot.. so a menu shot can be said the basic product photography package that we provide while a shot like below, is more of a higher end.. 

          The photo below again isn't the final product.. frankly I don't think I've ever published the final product due to respects to the client as the photos are still being used by them.. 

           Anyway, let me leave you with the higher end product photography that we @ Ardent take.. and when compared to the one much earlier, its obvious that here @ Ardent, we give you the value for the amount that we charge.. also thanks to our perfectionist nature, it helps being stubborn in ensuring only the best our client gets..

            Till the next time..  


Adrian Y. 


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