Merry Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas 2009

Hey guys and gals!

        Jacky and myself would love to wish all of our clients, our friends, our brother and sister in arms and of course our families a wonderful an awesome Merry Christmas 2009.. 

        Just a short announcement, apparently this site’s comment section hasn’t been working and I’ve taken the opportunity to upgrade the blog’s core engine to BlogEngine 1.5.7 which so far as I’ve tested it, resolves the problem. So please feel free to drop us a message or any comments, we’d love to hear from you.. 

        As we are winding down the year of 09, there are much to thank and reflect upon on the things that transpired this year.. I’ll explain more of what those events that transpired and what we here at Ardent will be moving towards to in 2010 in the coming last few days of 2009. So till then, keep the fires burning, egg nog running.. wines sipping.. as most of us would have an long and I hope to say fruitful year, whatever it is, Christmas is a time for friends and family.. 

        Merry Christmas everyone! Drive safe and have a good one! 


Adrian & Jacky

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