Sepang F1 2010 – 2nd Practice Session

Sepang F1 2010 – 2nd Practice Session

Hey guys and gals!


          Whao, its been a while since I’ve manage to find the time to update this blog.. apologies apologies, the start of 2010 has left much to be desired.. But much on that later on, anyway the Sepang F1 has just been concluded yesterday.. Congrats to Vettel and Webber from RedBull in winning 1st and 2nd place.. in the hot hot Sunday, heck its just such an endurance circuit… not only for the drivers but for the spectators too.. 

          I had first hand experience when I decided to check out the practice runs.. here’s the photos.. 

         Yeah.. its blazingly hot!

        For those who’s new to Sepang, this is what greets you after the gates of Sepang.. Only to see this which is as far as the eye can see.. So yeah bring tons of sunblock and water.. anyway get ready to pay RM5 for coke, RM 20 for a burget or RM20 for a few sticks of satay.. 

Below’s the view from the grandstand overlooking of the starting grid overseeing the pits..


Another view from the other side ..

Yeah.. this is the view using the 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikkor lens.. as close as you get with this from that range..

So we decided to walk to the final hair pin at the end of the straight.. which the photo below is at the farthest end.. 

Ah, Micheal Shumy’s pit crew of the Mercedes GP Petronas Formula 1 Team..

Took some shelter from the heat at close to the end of the grandstand.. 

Anyway, I decided to do some panning techniques.. Below are some of the shots taken right after the hairpin turn while the car is just about to accelerate for the final straight.. Taken at 200mm @ 1/20s

The above shot was shot as is, below is the crop.. 

Granted that the sunlight is glazing those shiny surfaces.. anyway more panning shots..


These are also at 200mm but focused at the other side of the circuit.. the camera and car are within similar heights which helps ensure sharpness.. and of course close up panning is much more difficult.. 

Below’s the view of the end of the grandstand.. 

Ah a parting shot of Micheal Shumy finishing his test laps.. 

   Ah.. going back you’ll see the KLIA control tower as the backdrop of this huge and extremely loud Sepang F1 circuit..  That’s the end of my trip.. there are plenty of other backlog entries that I’ve to find time publish so yeah, hope that you guys be patient and wish us all the best for 2010..  More soon..


Adrian Y.

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