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Krespy Kreme November shoot

Hey boys and gals!              How’s the long festive holidays? I hope all those celebrating and those enjoying the long holiday break had an amazing and wonderful time catching up with family and friends..               This article, I’ll like to bring up some of the […]
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Happy Chinese New Year 2010

Hey everyone!          We @ Ardent would like to wish all of our chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year! May this year of the Tiger bring tons of good fortune, prosperity and good health.           In taking advantage of the festive holidays, Ardent is taking a short break […]
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Elixir @ Changkat Bukit Bintang

Hey everyone!            How’s the start of 2010 been for you? We @ Ardent has been pretty busy with a few house keeping and projects going on.. need to gear things up for the rest of the year, as well as for the upcoming Tiger Chinese New Year rowr!       […]
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