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Twins Sport Kajang Grand Opening

Hey everyone!           Posting up another opening for Twins Sport now in Kajang..  Here are some of the snippets of what was taken.. the rest of this portfolio is already up and running on our porfolio site..   \ Now the picture below is one took one helluva dedication my part as I […]
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Twins Sport USJ19 Grand Opening

Hey everyone!            These are some of the backlog projects done way back in June that I didn't have time to publish up but its all up and running.. here are some of the pictures here but do view the rest in our portfolio section here or the non flash porfolio here. Below are […]
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Rajah Brooke Cafe @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

 Hey everyone!               Now ok, lets have a break from drinks and the night life to talk about one of the yummiest topic in town.. food! so lets start with this place at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park called Rajah Brooke Cafe.. Rajah Brooke a.k.a. James Brooke if the first white Rajah […]
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Sky Bar with Ben Ng Part 2

Hey everyone!           Hope things have been going great for all of you as much as things over at Ardent's side.. Apologise for the late updates and all, its been a quite busy for us.. will really need to find time to start updating the portfolio section .. hehehe to clear the […]
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