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Up Close & Personal : Insects

No worries, no close up shots of cockroaches.. whew.. I may get the AF Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D IF-ED and shoot it from a distance.. far far away.. anyways, these are some of the insect shots that I've taken of late..  The picture below of the fly, well that fella was more cooperative than the bee pictures […]
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Up Close & Personal : Flowers

Nothing brings up more brilliance of color and beauty like flowers..  Below are some of the close up shots of flowers using the Nikon AF-S 105mm lens..  In Macro photography, f/2.8 can be as razor thin as less than a few mm.. the good thing is that this type of work usually takes place in […]
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Macro Photography

Ah.. the world of the small.. part of making images interesting tolook at is to find an angle or view that is rarely seen by people normally…hence close up pictures are usually quite fascinating to both take and view..tho not as easy as one might think! My guru once said.. macro photography is the hardest […]
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