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AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED

Whippie.. finally manage to sell of one of my kidneys to get this babeh.. Its the first Macro up to 1:1 reproduction ration with VR! further more its a full frame lens.. costing about RM2900.. hhmm.. I think I may have undervalued my kidney.. but heck who cares.. god is so kind to grace me […]
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Time to mark the X

Today is our duty of all Malaysians of voting age (above 21) to cast our votes.. There's a smell of change in the air..   My voting station is in my former secondary school.. which is like a walking distance from where I live.. really nice to do your part for democracy while having a […]
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The Sky – Heaven’s canvass painted with light

When I started picking up photography, the first thing they ever teach you is that light means everything.. like how light is to a painter, its the same for a photographer.. And what differenciates a good photography from a great photographer? above all is the ability to use light to his / her advantage.. So […]
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DAP Political Speech in SS2

 Well.. since this is a photography blog, I'll reserve my own opinions about everything other than photography..  I've never actually bothered attending these type of speeches in the past.. well part of the problem is that when I do get to know about it, its already too late..  so I decided to make it a […]
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