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Breeze @ TTDI

Ever want to look for a place to chill out and just relax but yet want some style and some cocktails added into the mix? well if that's the case, Breeze @ TTDI is the place for you.. Its located next to NAZA TTDI or more accurately behind the Bambooq bar.. its an open air […]
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Sveeedish meatballs… IKEA style

 Today, I've decided to give IKEA's foodcourt a go and wonder how that famed sweedish meatballs tastes like. Yeah I know.. finally 😛 Despite the fact that IKEA @ Ikano is located like a 5 minutes drive from my house is irrelevant.. trust me.. its irrelevant..   Ok back to the meal ya..  first off the […]
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Morning Sunshine!

Well its easier said than done as far as photographing sunrises is concerned. The tricky bit is getting the exposure right. Too much and the sky looks really horridly white and too little and whatever is in the foreground looks black. This is where a nifty imaging tool called DLighting that's present in the D80 […]
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