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So you want to pick up Photography?

Hey guys and gals!         I've been wanting to write this article for quite a while but never actually found the time to do so, anyway 2 close friends of Ardents recently purchased a dSLR thus prompting me to write this article in the benefit of those who are taking those itsy bitsy […]
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Ardent’s New Love…. Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 ED N

Hey everyone!        Its already in mid June..  and in conjunction to giving the best to our clients.. Ardent just invested on a new baby.. the Nikkor AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 ED N .. the best ultrawide lens from Nikon, launched along with the D3.. both was awarded the EISA 2008-2009 Best Camera and Lens […]
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Memory Cards…

Hey everyone!         Whao, Chinese New Year this time around is no different from any other.. streets are quieter, skies are clearer and business slows down.. Hopefully by Monday things will crank back up to speed.. the usual forecast of jams with everyone returning back from their hometowns this coming weekend..      […]
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Original Nikon Products vs Grey / AP units

Hey! December is soon approaching.. so far there are a few events and photoshoots to be completed which will keep us sufficiently busy during the holiday season.. Speaking of holiday seasons, I've been getting a lot of questions about this year's gift list.. As you see, the Malaysian currency has dropped from a peak around […]
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Embershoppe 4th Meet & Greet Party

Update 6th Nov 2008 : Added the rest of the pictures under the Work section Events II.   Hey guys and gals!   Was at Ember last Sat (1st Nov) to welcome Mr Alfredo Andrés Pino the master cigar roller from Havana, Cuba as well as to witness a cigar ash competition.. the person with the […]

The power to Delight using D-Lighting

Maybe its a coincidence that Canon's slogan 'Delighting you always' the word D-Lighting or Dynamic Lighting is used by Nikon. Canon's version of D-Lighting is called.. Highlight Tone Priority.. which only has one setting 'Enable' unlike Nikon which has 3 different modes of different strength to cater for everyone's fancy.  Anyway this post isn't about […]
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What is a Cross Type Auto Focus Sensor?

The newer generation cameras all come with x number of AF points, and Y number of these points are cross type sensors. hhhmm..Cross type? Remenicent of the Counter Strike era.. yeah just walk in front of my cross type and I'll … ok fine.. not relevant.. good old days..  Anyway I found an article that […]
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Up Close & Personal : Insects

No worries, no close up shots of cockroaches.. whew.. I may get the AF Micro-Nikkor 200mm f/4D IF-ED and shoot it from a distance.. far far away.. anyways, these are some of the insect shots that I've taken of late..  The picture below of the fly, well that fella was more cooperative than the bee pictures […]
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Up Close & Personal : Flowers

Nothing brings up more brilliance of color and beauty like flowers..  Below are some of the close up shots of flowers using the Nikon AF-S 105mm lens..  In Macro photography, f/2.8 can be as razor thin as less than a few mm.. the good thing is that this type of work usually takes place in […]
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AF-S VR Micro-NIKKOR 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED

Whippie.. finally manage to sell of one of my kidneys to get this babeh.. Its the first Macro up to 1:1 reproduction ration with VR! further more its a full frame lens.. costing about RM2900.. hhmm.. I think I may have undervalued my kidney.. but heck who cares.. god is so kind to grace me […]
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