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Godiva Chocolate @ KLCC & Pavilion

Hey guys and gals! We @ Ardent would like to recommend to you Godiva.. sent directly from Chocolate heaven to Belgium that which is now available to us Malaysians @ KLCC and Pavilion.. To celebrate this year's Christmas, we've decided to get a few boxes of these lovely Chocolate orgasmic delights.. seriously.. for you guys […]
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Another Round in Zeta Bar @ KL Hilton

Hey guys & gals! We've decided to chill out at Zeta bar last Saturday and go visit Louis and his band.. to enjoy their music before their contract ends on 2th January 2009.. KL Hilton is really an up market area.. every entry point has 2 guards that will check your car's undercarage and boot […]
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Jarrod & Rawlins @ Damansara Heights

Hey guys and gals! Waho this coming week 11th, 12th and 14th is gonna be really hectic.. but I guess its not good to question good things but just open with open arms.. even if those same arms cramp up and fall off..   Anyway as good photographers, we need to scout the areas before hand […]
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Exit-T Performing Live @ Zeta Bar KL Hilton

Hey Guys & Gals!      If any of you are interested in good live bands? well then you shouldn't go to Zeta Bar.. but if you are interested in REAAALLLY good live bands? then yeah Zeta's the place for you..       Let me take the honors in introducing Exit-T a Canadian based band.. they don't […]
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Scarlet @ Cineleisure

Hey guys and gals! Last Sat we were at the Curve to check on the status of the Zippo lighter advert.  Ardent's picture is 1 of 3.. and the one holding up the process is a cigar picture if I'm not mistaken.. my zippo advert's been approved long ago.. that damn cigar.. anyways.. targetted to […]
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Recovering @ Pavilion KL

Hey guys and gals… After a long hectic, going on with insufficient sleep and changable weather finally KOed us last weekend. Jacky and I are down with the flu.. so we decided to just hang back and just recouperate.. with…  a… delicious.. lunch.. Nasi Bojari.. from Madam Kwan..  I could swear that it has medicinal […]
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Embershoppe 4th Meet & Greet Party

Update 6th Nov 2008 : Added the rest of the pictures under the Work section Events II.   Hey guys and gals!   Was at Ember last Sat (1st Nov) to welcome Mr Alfredo Andrés Pino the master cigar roller from Havana, Cuba as well as to witness a cigar ash competition.. the person with the […]

Cleo Fashion Awards @ Zeta Bar KL Hilton

Whao.. last night was definately different! What was suppose to be another Midouri Night turns out to have morphed into Cleo Fashion Awards night.. where all the top retailers are awarded. Well we didn't take that much pictures of the award itself since Cleo has already engaged 2 other photographers for the event, it won't be nice to […]
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DeepaRaya @ The Embershoppe – Scandalous Pictures Updated

Hey guys and gals!         Initially I wanted to post all 69 (nice number) pictures here but realize most of you would just end up scrolling like mad through the pics.. So I took the liberty to port it into Ardent's work section under Events. Now all you need is just to sit […]
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Quattro – Avenue K

Jacky and I sneaked some time off to check out the latest hotest bar in town called Quattro.. Well.. its not exactly a 4 wheel drive Audi version of Quattro but rather the 4 seasons..  Well in Malaysia, there's only one season.. MEGASALE Season!!! … ok fine.. Summer.. all year round..  In that aspect, its […]