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Sepang F1 2010 – 2nd Practice Session

Hey guys and gals!             Whao, its been a while since I’ve manage to find the time to update this blog.. apologies apologies, the start of 2010 has left much to be desired.. But much on that later on, anyway the Sepang F1 has just been concluded yesterday.. Congrats to Vettel […]
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Rajah Brooke Cafe @ Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park

 Hey everyone!               Now ok, lets have a break from drinks and the night life to talk about one of the yummiest topic in town.. food! so lets start with this place at Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park called Rajah Brooke Cafe.. Rajah Brooke a.k.a. James Brooke if the first white Rajah […]
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Sky Bar with Ben Ng Part 2

Hey everyone!           Hope things have been going great for all of you as much as things over at Ardent's side.. Apologise for the late updates and all, its been a quite busy for us.. will really need to find time to start updating the portfolio section .. hehehe to clear the […]
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June oh June..

Hey guys and gals!        I hope everyone's doing great as we are over here.. man how do we love our new baby lens  actually its more like a big big baby.. my d300 + 14-24mm f/2.8 + SB-800 will weigh easily 2.5kg..  one helluva workout especially when carrying for 4+ hours straight during assignments.. […]

7 Ate 9 @ Ascott Hotel

Hey guys and gals!        How's things been going? this week is rather interesting, filled with new places, new people and just new opportunities..  Jacky and I joined Timothy (a cool dude with some fast N furious ride ) to support Ben who's doing a two back to back days event at the Sky […]
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Space @ The Loft KL

Hey everyone!      Whao, We @ Ardent haven't stop working yet ever crossing the New Year of 09.. Apologise for all the delays in posting up pictures.. So lets continue.. A few weeks back, Clare invited Jacky and myself over to meet some of her wicked friends, first picture is taken at Zouk Aristo […]
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Penang – Till we meet again..

Hey ah Hey! December was filled with events and tons of pictures to process, develop, deliver and post.. there's a huge back log and I'm hoping to get everything cleared and sorted out before Chinese New Year.. There are 2 projects which I've not yet posted up on Ardent's site yet as its still pending […]

Journey to Penang with Us @ Ardent

Hey guys and gals, We've travelled down to Penang back on Christmas day departing KL at about 10.30am for 2 back to back events down at Penang island on Fri and Sat..  and this is our journey..  Strangely enough, the whole journey was cloudy.. not a single ray of direct sunlight shined through.. it didn't […]

Looking back @ Christmas 08

Hey everyone! Things haven't stop moving since reaching back KL from Penang.. tons of overdue pictures to process.. so lets get started shall we? Ok, these are the pictures of what went down at the Curve.. Here's Ardent's Christmas angel, Analene posing along side Ardent's resident photographer, Jacky..   Where we sat was kinda strategic to […]
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And We Are Back!

Hey guys and gals! How's your Christmas celebrations? We just got home not too long ago after our event in Penang which is called The Island Dance Party 2008 @ Club Momo Penang There are tons of pictures to sort through for prints and delivery.. and of course we'll be posting some here as well […]
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